My joy and passion is photographing our human family in Africa and most recently India~ for non-profits and foundations working to improve lives. I care deeply about people and I love photographing them in their daily challenges and triumphs. Humanitarian photojournalism provides a passageway for connection, an intimate perspective of cultures and the mysteries and joys of life! This involves some serendipity and skill from the photographer to capture unique moments. I deeply appreciate the privilege. 
    I strive to create beautiful images to tell stories that honor the dignity and spirit of our complex world. My goal is to inform and inspire empathy and awareness, hoping to engage donor involvement to ultimately create some measure of sustainable change for the strong and gracious people and causes I've grown to love.
     Photography can lead us to understanding, action and change. My goal is to improve funding and resources for crucial needs that I care about in developing countries, such as accessible clean water, public and reproductive health, education, orphan support, and disability. I serve as a Christian, a photojournalist, a philanthropist and volunteer facilitator/ activist for these devoted non-profit organizations: In India, The Miracle Foundation. In Africa: Terrewode Women's Fund and fistula Hospital, Free Wheelchair Mission, The African Children's Choir, Water to Thrive, A Glimmer of Hope, Libraries of Love, Mercy Trips Healthcare Outreach, The United Methodist Church, Lulwanda Children's Home, The Gazelle Foundation. They work in the beautiful countries of Uganda, Ethiopia, DR Congo, Tanzania and Burundi. 

     Please journey with me to explore, learn and get involved. ~Thank you!  

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